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Shenzhenhas the best bars in China

Shenzhenhas the best bars in China

Shenzhenhas the best barsin China, as I think, I travelled many places, and found the shenzhen barshas great Chinese girls. I like Chinese girls and find Chinese girls like to make friends with western man. So shenzhen ladies, pls contact me, I am still single:-) I hope you young, open, pretty. And I hope you are living in Shekou, Shenzhen, and like to go with me to Suzy's Lounge Bar, which is my favourist bar I always like to go with friends.

Hi shenzhen guys, how is the shenzhen nightlife?

Is there any great events or parties in shenzhen bars? I like to dig some goods ones out. I am coming from Hongkong to Shenzhen in hotels around Shekou, Kempinski Hotel around, I found there is a bar near here named Suzy's Longue bar, how is that, I found this is their website:

Shenzhen hotels and bars?

I want to know all about shenzhen leisure lifetime like Shenzhen golf, shenzhen hotel, shenzhen bars, shenzhen hotels tips. I alreays be there for business and fun.

I have ever been to intercontinental hotel shenzhen, interlaken hotel shenzhen, jin jiang shenzhen airlines hotel, kaili hotel shenzhen, kempinski hotel shenzhen, marco polo hotel shenzhen, metropark hotel shenzhen,
McCawley's Shekou, I both like them very much.

I also always been to Suzy's bar for fun, that's one of my favourist bars inShenzhen.

Beers in Shenzhen bars.

I am listing several Beers I found on the market, what do you like, guys: Tiger draft, Tsing Tao,Budweiser, Corona, Paulaner, Heineken, Paulaner, Caylsbeyg
啤酒:虎扎啤,青岛,百威, 科罗娜,喜力,柏龙,嘉士伯,生力,宝利顿,太阳

Shopping in Shenzhen!

Who'd like to share with me the shopping tips around Shenzhen, especially the shekou area? I am living around Suzy's Lounge bar, there are many shopping centers around this area, I want to write some Shenzhen shopping tips around this area and the food in Shenzhen.

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